aww, I’m rewatching Thor (2011) and Loki is soo tiny for a frost giant! I mean, look

how fragile he looks compared to a real Jotun [x]

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i wonder what deleted scene this is from…

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As requested by sarahvonkrolock

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What are you prepared to do?

#thor won’t kill his brother. even if fury commanded him to. #why would he ever? #not even for the love factor. let’s put the fact that thorki is my life away for a second #now #romanticism aside #let’s actually look at this. #thor would never. ever. /ever/. kill loki. he could never do it #they’re not brothers by nature #but that’s who he grew up with. loki knows all his secrets #all the things thor didn’t show in the royal house #all the things he was afraid of or all the things that made him cry; all of his weaknesses #and some of his better strengths #no matter how crazy loki becomes #thor will never lose the part of loki that he took for himself #just as loki will never lose the part of thor he also has #oh wow fuck this hurts

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Rocket, no.

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I just found this on my computer, this and about 200 others

*clears throat* okay, let’s do this:

Thor grabbed the Frostgiants arms, pulling him backwards onto his body.

"It’s SO hot, cool me down" the Odinson commanded.

Loki finished reading the paragraph of his book before raising his voice: “for an Aesir you’re pretty weak. Isn’t Asgard often referred to as the Golden City? I thought this applied to the kind of metal you used to build it as well as the burning sun. You should be used to this.”

Thor sighed, but still stayed close to the Jotun as if glued on: “whatever. You’re cold, I like that”

With a loud noise Loki snapped his book close and moved himself out of the other mans touch: “WEAKLING!” he yelled and turned to walk away when Thor noticed Lokis drunken walk.

"Are you ok?" the Odinson asked before realizing what he just said. A frost Giant in Asgards Mid-heat. Of course he wasn’t fine.

"shut up" Loki hissed without turning around. He kept walking when Thor caught up: "Let me escort you to your rooms!"

"I’m fine!" Loki assured, but Thor wouldn’t let him be.

They reached the entrance of the great Hall when the Jotun finally gave in. He cursed under his breath - being defeated by heat while the son of his sworn enemy was standing right next to him, how embarrassing was that?!

This time Thor didn’t ask if he should help, he just lifted the blue man off the ground and started walking. He ignored the by-standing people who seemed to whisper when recognizing who he was carrying.

When Loki woke up he was in his chambers.

Next to his bed cool water, the whole room darkened by curtains to block the suns heat out. “stupid Odinson” Loki cursed, then thankfully reached out for the water and started to drink.


I am working on this 10 pages of color comic about all the avengers’s daily life, it will come out around Oct, feathering near 40 pages of color illustrations of fan art for Marvel and 10 pages of color comics. 

so much work.

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Loki of Jotunheim

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